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more sun in manchester than i saw in africa 
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Charlbi Dean Kriek at Next Models
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after about ten nights with this monkey a night apart feels strange, hurry back to our little house please x

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Honestly had the most incredible time in Africa, and I’m pretty proud of myself for getting all of these photos with just my iPhone 

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just had our first drink at the hotel in nairobi, apparently they like to put umbrellas on the ceiling
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it’s mad that i will be on that plane on sunday morning travelling from nairobi to the camp
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all set for my flights
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pale as fuck with random weird bruises everywhere before my holiday great :))
Anonymous has asked: pretty disgusting that you are going all that distance to look at animals when you could go to the zoo and give the rest of the money to people in poverty in that country , you are so selfish

I don’t even know what to say to this :’) okay anon I’ll just whip out some money and provide a solution to African poverty with the money that’s been spent on my 2 week holiday, good idea x

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